Purpose of the Platform

Ethiopia has many academicians who are experts in different fields. Unfortunately, most of these academicians do not have a platform to voice their knowledge. Ethio-Researchers Hub is created to open a space for academicians who would like to contribute to Ethiopia’s peace and development. In addition, this page is created to be a resource platform for fellow Ethiopians who would like to make informed decisions when it comes to the peace and development of Ethiopia.

Most of us who are using social media are witnessing many “opinions” or “analysis” from “activists” who are not experts on the field. However, those experts on the field are observing the situation silently. Ethio-Researchers Hub would like to break this silence and start analyzing situations based on evidence and previous researches. When a patient goes to a medical doctor, the doctor will investigate the patient’s history and analyze the information he received from the patient based on previous studies and findings to recommend the appropriate medication and return the patient’s health. Just like a medical doctor, members of this Hub work together to inform fellow Ethiopians of the available policy options based on the literature reviews of the field.

Our Knowledge for Peace and Development of Ethiopia!

Rule of the Hub

Please feel free to leave your comments. The platform is open for academic discussion. However, the page does not tolerate hate speech, bad words (Sidib), and identity-based comments. When you leave such kinds of comments, you will immediately show us what your mind is equipped with and we will thank you for that and happily block your comments.